The Weekly #014 – Monk Mode

What. A. Week.

A week ago I entered something called Monk Mode.

An idea I’d obsessed about for a little while. A period of one’s life whereby one focuses only on certain aspects in order to grow and develop a skill or behavior. Often paired with meditation, gratitude, celibacy, good nutrition, and a strict workout.

I decided to write my own Monk Mode and it was to do the following:

– Run 1 mile every single day.
– Post 1 article every single day.
– Post 1 video every single day.

It’s been a solid first week in the block of 90 days that I have set myself and I couldn’t be happier with the progress I have made.

One Mile a Day

Knowing I had some big miles in the mountains, and possibly one of my toughest challenges ever coming up this autumn. This section of Monk Mode was specifically designed for that purpose.

But it’s not about the mile.

It’s about the discipline. It’s about the mental fortitude. It’s about something greater than the mile will ever reward me with.

It’s have the purpose and focus to get up before the sunrises and to get some work done. To set the tone for the day. To do the hard things.

Running isn’t my forte, and I’ve never really been a good runner despite having done an ultra marathon in the past. However, I know that not only the mental aspects of this challenge will be hugely beneficial, but I know further down the line the physical benefits will be dramatic come peak climbing in September.

Running Totals: 21.28km

Video Creation

I was tired of being a consumer and not a creator. One of the biggest reasons for coming on these massive journeys and travelling is to improve my photography. That coincides with videography too.

Iteration is the only way to make progress.

And progress is made through action.

Trying to stick to this daily is going to be a challenge but one I am looking forward to and being able to look back at my progress through the entirety of Monk Mode.

Writing Daily

I have loved writing for a long time and have always found solace and enjoyment through the written word. As above, the way to improve a skill is through iteration.

It’s the art of doing.

Wanting to grow to Explore Stronger and work on a side project grows strong inside of me and I really want to push the envelope to see where it can go.

This week I’ve written and published these pieces:

Phu Chi Fa Hike
Can you trek in Nepal without a guide?
Khun Kun Waterfall Hike
Nepal Trekking Packing List
Three Passes Itinerary Guide
Three Passes in Nepal Cost Guide

Weekly Blog views: 1986

WILD week for the blog and for the views. We’ve done more views this week than we have for the two months I’ve been traveling.

Partly due to Nepal guides going down really well and many people visiting them but also just another vote for consistency and for showing up.

Finally leaving Thailand. Next stop…


Leaving Chiang Mai was tough. I had established a good base whilst living there and had got comfortable. But the idea of Monk Mode was to break some comforts, so it seems like a fitting time to fly the nest of Chiang Mai and head to a new country.

Vietnam has been on the list for a long time and I am really looking forward to getting stuck into a new country and a set of new adventures.

I’ll spend a few days in Hanoi working and doing the bits I need to do to get everyone within the Shred and 1-2-1 groups on their way for the week.

No real plan for Vietnam but I guess that is part of the adventure.

Here’s to the first week of Monk Mode, to a new country, and to a fresh set of 7 days ahead of us.

If you’ve been to Vietnam, or have any suggestions for things to do here, then I will welcome them with open arms. Looking to make the most of the 30 days I’ve got here before heading to my next destination which makes me feel a little nervous…

Till next week.

Explore Strong.

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