The Weekly #021 – Getting High on an Island

Getting high on an Island wasn’t really something I had envisioned for the week, but sometimes you’ve just got to go with it, right?

By getting high, I obviously mean reaching the highest point in South Korea by climbing Hallasan. The tallest point/volcano in South Korea.

The Island of Jeju is absolutely beautiful and only a short flight from Busan. After getting another bullet train from Seoul to Busan. Spent the next few days dodging some rain, and wind and just getting to see the sights of Busan, it was time to move on to Jeju.

Hallsan and Jeju

After a few days in Busan, it was time to board the hour-long flight and head to Jeju Island.

Weirdly the flight was £20, and it included luggage which is an absolute steal.

The main attraction in Jeju was heading to Hallasan national park and climbing to the highest point in South Korea.

Weather gods in favour, I woke up to the most glorious day I’ve had in what feels like a lifetime. Bright blue skies, zero wind, and nothing too hot.

A short taxi to the base of the volcano and it was time to begin the 11-mile hike to 1950m.

Everywhere I had read, and seen, the hike is labeled as difficult and something not to be taken lightly. I’d fully disagree. Although the hike was long and challenging, it wasn’t difficult.

Made super easy by a manmade Broadwalk and stairs all the way to the summit.

Most of the trail is spent in the tree line, step, after step, after step. Slowly climbing up the volcano and closer to the summit.

I’ve honestly never seen a man-made trail quite like this one.

Part of me is in favour of it as it helps protect the land and the ecosystem, the other part of me thinks it takes out the fun of hiking, as you’re essentially walking up some stairs.

11 miles, 1600m of elevation gain, 35k steps, and nearly 6 hours later, Hallasan was done and dusted.

Pretty cool to climb a volcano at any time, for sure. But the views from the top were nothing special and I wouldn’t be in a rush to revisit the stairway, that’s for sure.

Exploring Jeju

The weather gods didn’t stick around for much longer. To be expected though, stranded on a volcanic island in the middle of the ocean is never going to be anything other than windy and temperamental, right?

It almost reminded me a little of Tenerife. With the walkaways made from volcanic rock, beautiful palm trees lining the streets, and just the relaxed vibe that everyone was there on holiday.

Jeju has a lot to offer. If you’ve got a car. Unfortunately, I can’t rent a car in Korea as I don’t have my IDP, so it’s a bit more limited with bus access. That being said, after flipping from the North to the South of the Island, there were a couple of waterfalls in reach.

A day exploring the south, following the incredible coastal paths that pass by rock formations, secluded beaches, dark caves, turquoise bays, and everything a good island has to offer.

Home to some really cool waterfalls too. One that flows directly into the ocean, which is the only waterfall in Asia to do so. The other was carved inside a bowl-like valley flowing into the deep, green waters below.

The weather then took a turn for the worse and Jeju decided to throw two days of rain at me.

Thankfully I had a nice little apartment and some work to do so it wasn’t all lost.

Jeju was well worth the visit. Having a car would have 10x the experience, undoubtedly. And if anything it’s just made me even more excited to get back to Van Life and to have my home on wheels back again.

I’ve also been thinking more and more about YouTube and actually documenting these journies in more than the written word. I feel like it’ll force me out of my comfort zone, but also add a layer of purpose and passion behind traveling which seems to have lost its way recently.

It’s definitely the plan for the summer and for future adventures.

Monk Mode Week 8

If you’re unfamiliar with Monk Mode it’s basically 90 days of trying to commit to the following:

– Create a video every day
– Write an article everyday
– Run 1 mile every day

Creation not Consumption

Still going strong here, and enjoying finding new content to create.

Writing daily

It’s getting more difficult, as previously mentioned but not too long to go, and confident I can finish the streak that has already gained so much momentum.

Blog Views: 120

One Mile a Day

Wild to compare stats from week one to week 8.

11-minute miles to 7-minute miles.

With a lower average HR.

If that isn’t proof that frequency of exposure to a new skill will help you improve 10-fold, I really don’t know what will.

The next adventure…

I’m back in Busan now, and will be plotting the next adventure purely based upon the weather.

It could be a week of nothing, and to recoup some momentum lost in other areas. Or it could be another national park visit.

Who knows.

Till then.

Explore Strong.

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