Tramping tracks with men who had guns

Saturday 19th January, 2019.

After our urban freedom camping spot and getting an awesome nights sleep we had some bad news in that somehow the fridge had stopped working overnight… ??‍♂️

Turns out we had overfilled it. Out with the old food and back to the supermarket to buy some essentials like milk and boysenberry yoghurt ?

First stop of the day was a scenic route through rolling green hills, beautiful hillside and over amazing rivers.

The first stop being a tramping track heading towards Irongates Gorge. Unfortunately not Ironforge, which would have been cooler. If you know, you know ?

Anyway, this was a 3 hour hike through thick woodland, old logging tracks and over and through the river itself.

The track was awesome. Unfortunately not yet a DOC (department of conservation) track which I am sure it will be one day, but instead made and maintained by locals.

The locals also have a shooting range approximately 1 hour into the walk. Nothing scarier than seeing a man in full camouflage in thick woodland holding a rifle in his hands!

The track weaved in and out of the trees, thick silver ferns, across the river, up the hill and eventually after what felt like a sheer cliff drop we managed to reach the Iron Gates.

A series of rivers meet just before heading through the sheer rock faced gorge. Really cool to just sit and watch the fast flowing water cascade down and through the gorge itself.

The afternoon was more chilled as we had weekly washing, showers and other duties to attend to but now that’s all done it’s full steam ahead for our final week.

Hobbiton, Waitomo caves, white water rafting and hopefully whale/dolphin spotting!

Hope you’ve had an awesome weekend bro ??

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