We made it to Queenstown!

This morning started with the usual van life duties. More waste dumping and topping up with fresh water. Unfortunately it was cloudy and wet this morning so couldn’t see our supposedly lakeside view. Never mind.

From Te Anu we set off towards Queenstown in search of some waterproofs, an adventure and a magnet for our Grandmas! ?

Queenstown is absolutely beautiful. Even in low cloud and pouring rain this place has a special feel about it. Nestled in the mountains and right besides the lake we got to see glimpses of its sheer beauty during breaks in the weather.

Whilst it was raining we thought it’d be best to book a Jetboat through the canyon. Which we did but only to be informed a few minutes later that the ricer conditions were too poor so we will have to rearrange.

Never mind we thought, let’s go see some Kiwi birds at the Queenstown bird sanctuary…


So what do you do when it’s pouring down with rain and all adventure tours are cancelled for the day?

You put on your big boy flip flops and you buy ice cream! ?

A day of what feels like “nothing” but we got to see some incredible scenery, we brought waterproofs, we booked an adventure trip and we ate ice cream.

Not a wasted day in my eyes ???

After queenstown we headed back towards Lumsden which is a little town that allows freedom camping. Which essentially means if you’ve a toilet in your van you’re allowed to camp in these areas.

Tomorrow we head towards the incredible Milford Sound!

Ps – I nicked this photo from Fridays hike to McLean falls as the weather yesterday was poop! ?

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