Milford sound, no words needed

We set our alarms early, got up made coffee and got on the road before 7AM. We had a long drive ahead of us and wanted to get into Milford sound as early as we could.

En route we had a little road traffic in the form of sheep. If you think wales has a lot of sheep, double it and then double it again and you’ve got the same as NZ! Thousands of sheep being moving to one field from another was a little morning entertainment ?

The road into Milford Sound is about 75 miles long and is beautiful all the way. A mixture between snow capped mountains, thick rainforest and beautiful windy roads it’s a must see when coming to New Zealand.

We got to the end of the sound and booked our 1 1/2 hour cruise into the sound itself and to see the Fiord from a different perspective and wow.

Glass like water deeper than the ocean with mountains rising straight out of the water to thousands of meters high in the sky. Waterfalls cascading hundreds of feet from the thick rainforest straight into the sound itself.

If you imagine Norway and it’s beautiful Fjords and then try to imagine something more beautiful than them, you’ll be close to the Milford Sound (Although Norway you’ll always be beautiful to me, see you in May ??).

I can’t imagine what this place looks like in perfect conditions, but even on a cloudy day it is stunning.

A long drive back through the mountains, the winding roads, over rivers and through thick rainforest, a couple of kea along the way we made it back to Lumsden for the night.

Tomorrow we head back to queenstown and to finally get on our jetboat through the canyon!

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2 Replies to “Milford sound, no words needed”

  1. Stumbled across your blog today. We were in New Zealand same time as you living a vanlife. Brought it all flooding back!! Milford Sound a highlight of my life – totally a bucket list visit for us. Check out our website and blog if you’re interested

    Cheers, Mark and Jo

    1. Hey Mark,

      Thanks for the comment, it helped bring back some New Zealand memories for me, too!

      It’s a wonderful country with some incredible sights and people.

      Hope you’re safe and well.

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