What’s in my Camera Bag – Travel Photography (2023)

I decided to sell everything I own and travel the world in July of 2022.

One of the main reasons was to improve my photography and see where it could take me into 2023 and beyond.

And because I was turning 30 and I thought it was time to have one last throw of the dice before maybe realising I am actually an adult…

One of the most common questions I get asked is what camera and lenses I am using. I have always wanted to put together something like this to potentially guide people with their own choices when it comes to travel and adventure photography.

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What’s in my camera bag?

Here’s a summary of everything that is in my camera bag, and what I use on a daily basis when traveling the world and documenting the journey through photography.

I am still learning, practicing, and getting better every day. But the improvements I have made in less than a year are something I am actually proud of, and I am excited for the projects I’ve got lined up this year to further my skillsets and improve as a photographer.

Camera: Sony A7III
Lens 1:
Sony 24-70 F4
Lens 2:
Sony 70-200 F4
Drone: DJI Mavic Pro 3
Peak Designs Aluminium
Backpack: 55L LowePro Backpack (Camera specific backpack)
Capture Clip: Peak Designs Clip
Polarising Filters: K and F Polariser
Memory Cards: Sandisk Extreme 256gb
Anker 20,000amp

Choosing a camera body

When I first got into photography I used Canon as my main brand. I shot with the 70D and then moved on to the 90D.

But for travel and for adventure photography I wanted, and needed, something more lightweight. Hiking with a heavy camera body can be burdensome, so it was time to switch to the holy grail of affordability and performance.

The Sony A7III.

I had previously owned an A7II and absolutely loved it. But could never justify the upgrade to the newer, and better body. Since upgrading, the performance of the A7III is fantastic. With it being so lightweight, this is a no-brainer for me when I am out and about.

“The best camera you have is the one you’ll carry everywhere.”

With the Sony being so lightweight and easy to move around, I carry it everywhere. If there is one way to improve your photography, it’s by taking more photos.

Which camera backpack?

If there is one thing I have had plenty of, it’s camera backpacks. It’s really difficult to find something that is the perfect blend of everything I need and want in a backpack.

I want it to be spacious enough to carry a camera, lens or two, a drone, some accessories and my tripod. But also enough space for layers in the mountains and a hefty snack pouch.

Most backpacks are specialists in one or the other, and thus trying to find the middle ground is quite difficult.

For now, I’ve settled with the LowePro Powder, and it is OK. A bit too big for what I need now that I am not multi-day trekking in the Himalayas. But still a good enough bag with ample space for all of my kit.

In the future, I’ll be taking my Hyperlite Mountain Gear Southwest and fitting a Peak Designs camera cube in there to keep my gear safe. The HMG is one of the lightest and most comfortable bags I’ve ever used, and I just need to get the cube to keep my gear safe when on the mountains and out on shoots.

My go-to lenses for Photography

My Sony 24-70 F4 is on my camera body for 95% of my photos. It’s small, lightweight and has a good focal range to be able to capture wide angle shots, but also some with a little compression too.

I’ve got a 70-200 F4 for when I want to compress a background and make it appear larger than it is. This is actually my favourite lens to shoot with, and if it wasn’t so big it would be on my camera body much more of the time.

Choosing the right tripod

Tripod’s are an important part of photography. Especially if you take a lot of self portraits like me. But choosing one can be difficult in the plethora of tripods on the market today.

For me, I needed something lightweight, but didn’t sacrifice stability. When you’re clipping a ¬£2000 camera to it, you need to know it is going to withstand and hold your pride and joy.

In comes the Peak Designs Travel Tripod. Initially, I saw this tripod years ago when they launched a Kickstarter project. But for the price tag – there was absolutely no way I was spending that amount of money on a tripod.

Fast forward a few years, and I can hand on heart say it’s one of the best things I have ever bought. I did used to have an amazing Manfrotto tripod. But it was big and heavy, which often meant it got left behind when I went out.

The Peak Designs tripod isn’t the lightest, but it’s quick to deploy, super secure and safe, and wastes no room when it is packed down.

3 of my favourite accessories

3 of my absolute favourite things to carry in my camera bag, which in turn make my photography much easier.

As you have probably noticed by now, I love Peak Designs. I am a big believer in when a brand makes a good product, the chances are the rest of their products are pretty good too.

1) The Peak Designs clip is an absolute game changer when it comes to carrying your camera. If you’ve got a backpack and like taking photos, having a PD Clip makes this so much easier. Without having to dig into your bag, or wait for the perfect moment for your shot. Having the Capture Clip with the camera on means you’re ready to go whenever you need to.

2) Polarising filters are incredible and I am glad I’ve got them on my lenses. Blocking harsh light and creating a warm glow is something I never dreamed possible. These filters allow that to happen and I couldn’t be without them now. Not only does it give the harsh sun, and glare from water and waterfalls a better look but it also protects your glass too.

3) Big and fast memory cards. I use the SanDisk Extreme as their storage is big and their read speeds are super quick. I’ve got 4 or 5 with me at all times, as backups and they’ve not let me down yet!

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