The Secret Snowdonia Cabin in the Woods

One of the last remaining secret spots in Snowdonia is the Cabin in the Woods. Weirdly though, not one of the harder ones to find. That is if you know where it is of course.

Now for the purpose of this guide, I’m not going to give you the EXACT location, because truthfully – I don’t have it. But I can give you a good enough guide to keeping it somewhat of an adventure in finding one of Snowdonia’s last hidden gems.

Surely it’s not just me that has dreamt of living off the grid in a remote location, with nothing but sled dogs for company, a log cabin to call home, and living as best as they can off land? Well, let your imagination run wild, as this cabin can take you right to that.

(Please leave it as it was found, even better, leave it better than you found it)

Secret Cabin in Snowdonia

Quick Facts about the Snowdonia Cabin

  • Distance: Less than 3km
  • Time: 1-2 hours
  • Best travel time: Anytime, but maybe avoid weekends if you want it to be quiet
  • Difficulty: Not difficult at all, just difficult to find the exact cabin
  • Parking: Anywhere in Beddgelert

High Points of the Snowdonia Cabin in the Woods

  • One of the last remaining hidden gems.
  • Takes a good adventure to find, and the payoff is worth it.
  • Lacks tourists and people.
  • Beautiful forest and waterfall walk to find the cabin.

Low Points of the Snowdonia Cabin in the Woods

Slippery in the wet, be careful.

In all it’s secret glory

How to get to the Snowdonia Cabin in the Woods

There are no official signs or guides to find this cabin, so you’re going to have to be savvy with your navigation, or you’re just going to have to spend enough time scrolling the internet to get the exact location.

That being said, if you follow this guide you should find it without too much difficulty but still have somewhat of an adventure along the way.

The most important part is getting on the right trail to begin with, as when you’re on the correct path, it’s fairly straightforward to find the cabin.

I’ve pinned the location where the trail starts, and I was fortunate enough that the lay-by at the bottom of the road was empty so could park there and walk across. If not, it’s not too much of a long way from Beddgelert if you needed to park there.

From the layby below (It’s on a corner) continue down the road (from Beddgelert) and the trail runs behind the house on the right-hand side. Easy to find.

Once you start the trail it’s a gentle pull up hill until you come to a bridge and fork in the trail. The bridge goes over the waterfall and continues flat, and the right side of the trail goes upwards towards some steps.

Take the stairs all the way to the top.

Once you’ve climbed for a little bit (10-15 minutes) you’ll eventually come to a style that’ll you’d naturally cross.

Don’t cross it and swing a left into the deeper tree coverage and navigate yourself through on a fairly worn trail. You will stay on this trail for only a short time, and then the cabin should come into view.

Hiding in the forest

My Experience of finding the Snowdonia Cabin

Having seen and heard about this elusive cabin in the woods, I was excited to get there and find it for myself.

The small hike up is worth the effort. But I can see why people get lost, as all routes naturally take you away from the cabin, whereas the smaller trails will lead you to where you want to go.

The cabin itself is really cool and gives off the off-grid cabin life vibes that I so lust and want. Expect, I’d want it deep in the Norwegian Arctic Circle and to be surrounded by a pack of sled dogs.

The Secret Cabin

What to do after your hike to find the Snowdonia Cabin

If you’ve not wandered around the beautiful village of Beddgelert. Then you must. Visit Gelert’s grave and learn about the story of Gelert, the faithful dog to Llewelyn.

Maybe you fancy getting some watersports in whilst you’re in North Wales? Visit Llyn Gwynant and paddle on one of Snowdonia’s finest lakes. If you’ve not got your own paddleboard or Kayak, you can rent one from the Llyn Gwynant campsite itself.

But if you’re making a weekend of it, here are some more ideas for you to tackle whilst you’re in god’s country, also known as Wales.

Tryfan via North Ridge
Moel Siabod via Daedu Ridge
Secret Waterfall – Snowdonia’s Last Hidden Gem
Llanberis Waterfall – A must-see!
Angelsey Barracks – Snowdonian History

Trefor Sea Stacks for Sunset

If you’ve any questions about finding the Secret Cabin in Snowdonia, then drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help.

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  1. How do I book please?

    1. This isn’t accommodation, nor can it be booked. It’s for day visiting mostly.

  2. Any chance of a grid reference mate, I understand why you want to keep it quiet! But I’ve already tried to find it twice !

    Even a four figure grid reference would help

    1. Hello mate, no I don’t have one, sorry. Lot’s of people have found it successfully from the guidance on here mate, so hopefully you can too.

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