Yumeno Tsurihashi Bridge, Sumatakyo Gorge.

Aptly known as the “Bridge of Dreams” the Yumeno Tsurihashi Bridge is a 90m long suspension bridge that crosses the Sumatakyo Gorge.

Famous for its mountain onsens, many deer, and now, this world-famous bridge.

A rickety, small, and nerve-wracking bridge that spans 90m across one of the most beautiful gorges I’ve ever seen.

The deep turquoise water is 8 meters below you and invites anyone who unfortunately falls off of the shakey bridge above.

If you’re in the Shizuoka area this is well worth the visit!

How to get to Sumatakyo Gorge

Accessible by bus, train, and car, this makes the Bridge of Dreams a good spot to come if you’re not traveling by car.

There is a steam train that comes up to the Sumatakyo gorge, but unsure of the times or logistics of it given we drove up to the gorge and the bridge.

That being said, it’s most definitely possible and transport should be relatively straight forward from Shizuoka station.

The village itself is a quaint, traditional mountainside village with lots of places to stay with many onsens and day baths available to use. There are many trails and hikes to do in the area so would be a worthy stop-over destination.

My Experience with the Bridge of Dreams

A long and winding drive up through the Japanese mountain roads lead to the quaint mountain village of Sumatayko.

The roads here are absolutely beautiful and I totally didn’t expect Japan to have such incredible forests, roads, and countryside.

The village is a typical alpine village. With small little hotels, private onsens, and small restaurants catering for the many day visitors and those coming to seek adventure in the mountains.

Once you reach the village, parking is super easy and the road directly to the bridge is closed. However, the walk is easy because of this as it follows the old road the entire way.

From the village, it’s about 15 minutes to the first bridge and 20 to the second.

The water is either a deep blue or deep turquoise, which it is I’ve no idea as I am colour blind. That being said, what I do know is that it is absolutely beautiful. The colour contrast between the water and the greenery is mind blowing and it was well worth the 90 minute drive up through the mountains to see.

The Japanese countryside has blown me away and totally didn’t not expect such things from a country I associated with Ramen, Neon Lights, Geisha girls, and a dark underworld.

If you’ve any questions about Yumeno Tsurihashi Bridge, Sumatakyo Gorge then drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help.

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