Zebra Slot Canyon – Utah’s Best Slot!

What can you say about Zebra Slot Canyon? Other than it’s an absolutely incredible adventure, and the first time I got to visit this wonderful place – I was truly blown away.

If you’re into hiking, outdoors, and adventure then Utah is an absolute dreamland for all things outdoors.

With some of the USA’s best National Parks (Zion, Bryce, Canyonlands) and incredible nature at every turn, it truly is the epicenter of amazing adventure in the USA.

But there’s one thing that Utah is famous for and that is its slot canyons.

Home to tonnes of slot canyons as the red sandstone rock is easily carved by water, there’s a plethora of trails and adventures to be had.

A slot canyon is a long, narrow channel or drainage way through sandstone or other rock. With tall sides and often some of the most incredible twists and turns, these slot canyons are something you absolutely must see if you’re visiting Utah.

How to get to the Zebra Slot Canyon in Utah

Located in the Grand Escalante National Monument, this isn’t a difficult slot canyon to find but can be difficult to get to.

I fully do not recommend using a Ford Mustang like I did to go down the 7-mile dirt road…

…not my most fun of 7 miles in that little Muzzie!

However, on the same road, you’ll find Peak-a-Boo and Spooky Gulch, and the Horseshoe Pass too, so if you’re up for a wild adventure then this is definitely a spot for you.

However, if you’re just coming for the Zebra slot canyon, then it is approximately 7 miles down

My Experience with Zebra Slot Canyon

After seeing the pictures of the incredible Zebra Slot Canyon online, there was absolutely no way I was missing it on my first week-long roadie in Utah.

I stopped by the Visitor Centre for the Grand Escalante Park and asked one of the wonderful rangers if they could help.

Being out of season, he asked if that was my white Mustang in the car park…

And then proceeded to tell me I was about to go on an adventure if I was going in that!

The road to get to the parking lot for the Zebra slot canyon is bumpy, and not an enjoyable ride.

(When I returned 3 years later to do Spooky and Peek-A-Boo I did the full 26 miles in a campervan and it was equally horrific as I remembered!)

The hike to the slot canyon isn’t too difficult, there is somewhat of a faint trail that you follow into the wash basin and then it’s fairly self-explanatory as to where the slot is from here.


What can you say about this incredible wonder of nature? Honestly, I was absolutely blown away at my first visit to a slot canyon.

It’s weird though because I thought I had overplayed it in my mind, and in stories to others over the years, but when revisiting in 2022 with my best friend and giving him his first experience, he said the same.


The way that the water has carved through the rock and created this super narrow passageway through the most beautiful rock I’ve ever seen was something I’ll never forget.

(12 inches wide at places. I know, I couldn’t get excited at the worry of getting stuck…)

It’s called Zebra Slot Canyon because of the red stripes that have been left from the errosion over time and when you climb all the way through the slot, it gets more red by the minute.

When you stop and look back once you’ve reached the end of the slot, you can see why it is called Zebra. The stripes leading down into the passageway are undeniably beautiful and absolutely incredible to see.

Honestly, this is one of my fondest adventures and one I’ll always look back on as being cool as fuck.

If you’ve any questions about the Zebra Slot Canyon then drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help.

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