Spooky and Peek-A-Boo Slot Canyons

If you’re familiar with Utah, then you’ll be familiar with Spooky and Peak-A-Boo Slot Canyons which are two of the most famous slot canyons in the world.

The incredible slot canyons are small passageways created by water erosion over many thousands of years giving us an incredible slot that’s passable for the adventurous souls who dare.

Towering walls, baking desert heat, serious backcountry, and some spots tighter than a nun’s chuff, you’ve got the recipe for one hell of an adventure.

That being said, it’s absolutely one of the top things to do when you’re in Utah and you’re seriously missing out if you don’t give yourself the time, or the courage, to face up to these slot canyons.

How to get to the Spooky and Peak-A-Boo Slot Canyons

Located in the Grand Escalante National Monument, these slots are down a very rugged and bumpy road. Whilst you don’t need a 4WD to do it, it would make it quicker and more comfortable.

(I’ve done it twice, once in a brand-new Mustang and once in a campervan. Both weren’t pleasant but got the job done)

Once you’ve gone through Escalante you’ll be on the same road for approximately 26 miles.

Please make sure you’ve got maps downloaded, you’ve got all the supplies you need, and you’re ready for this adventure. If you’re not, it can very quickly go wrong.

My Experience with Spooky and Peak-A-Boo Slot Canyons

After being fortunate enough to do Zebra slot canyon on my 2019 visit to Utah, I always knew that I wanted to go back. Utah has this incredible allure, and it is one of my favourite places in the entire world.

Not having enough time to visit Spooky and Peak-A-Boo Slot Canyons on my first run in Utah, I knew it was a high priority for the second time.

This time visiting with my best friend of 20+ years. I’d told him about the Zebra slot canyon and I was worried that I had overegged the experience and how incredible it was…

…I am thankful that after doing Spooky and Peak-A-Boo Slot Canyons he had the same experience as my first slot canyon.

The drive through to these slot canyons is long, and if you’ve not got a 4WD it’ll take you two hours to get out there. I’ll be straight – it’s worth the four-hour round trip even if it doesn’t take all that long to do the hike itself.

Once you’ve finally got to the trailhead, it follows the top of the canyon rim, to eventually wind itself down into the wash below.

You’ll start with Peek-A-Boo and after a short scramble to get into the slot canyon itself, you’ll be greeted with some incredible formations and rocks. From here the adventure begins as you wind your way through the narrow slot canyon and find yourself stopping every 5 seconds to take in the awe-inspiring beauty of this place.

Once you’ve gone through the first slot, you’ll come back out of the wash and on top of the canyon itself, from there the trail leads you to the next slot canyon – Spooky Gulch.

This is one of the narrowest canyons in the whole of the USA, and at parts, it is no more than 10 inches wide. INCREDIBLE.

There are a few drops and scrambles through here, but nothing too difficult. Before you know it you’ll be at the bottom of the slot canyon and amazed at the walls towering above you.

This is quite honestly one of the best adventures you’ll ever have, and if you’re fortunate enough to share that adventure with a life long best friend, then you’ll be as lucky as I feel! It’s one of my fondest travel memories and something I will remember forever.

If you’re heading to Utah, make sure the Spooky and Peak-A-Boo Slot Canyons are on your to do list.

If you’ve any questions about the Spooky and Peak-A-Boo Slot Canyons then drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help.

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