Burney Falls, California – Hike Guide

Burney Falls in California was one of the big surprises for me. Amongst the giants of Yosemite Valley National Park and Death Valley National Park, alongside the most incredible Californian coast, these falls are super impressive.

When you think of California you might think of LA or San Fransisco. You might also think of Yosemite and Smokey Bear, or you might think of the incredible wildlife that litters the coast of California…

…or you might think of a high cost of living, extremely high fuel prices but whether that is worth it all.

I thought of Mt Shasta and Burney Falls. Both are thankfully fairly close together when you’re doing a road trip through Oregon.

How to get to Burney Falls in California

Located in the North of California and actually fairly close to the Oregon border. Burney Falls isn’t too easy to get to, especially if you’re doing a road trip. But if you’re heading through to Oregon from San Fransisco, then it’s definitely worth breaking up the drive to visit these magnificent falls.

Right near Mt Shasta, and in an incredible place in California, Burney Falls are worth the detour if you’re coming from a while away.

My Experience with Burney Falls

Officially our first stop on my 2022 road trip with my best friend. This place has a special place on that road trip and it helps that it is one of the most impressive falls I have seen.

But, before that, it is memorable because Kylan forgot we were in the USA and decided to drive into the drive-through…

… backward.

The looks on the woman’s face when I rolled down the window in the passenger seat to order coffee was absolutely priceless.

Needless to say, caffeine was not acquired.

The walk down to the falls is relatively easy and straight forward, it’s not too far and it’s not too steep making this accessible to all.

Once you read the falls, they truly are as good as the pictures suggest. Cascading down the rockface across multiple points and really wouldn’t look out of place in a national park in Croatia, so the fact they’re in the searing sun in California, is impressive.

If you find yourself in this part of the world then I definitely recommend you visit, but definitely wouldn’t recommend driving through the drivethrough the wrong way…

If you’ve any questions about Burney Falls, then drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help.

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