The Mighty Crib Goch Snowdon Hike

If you’re new, or you’re an experienced hiker, you absolutely would have heard of the Crib Goch Snowdon hike.

One of the most famous ridge lines in all of the UK, and potentially one of the best hikes I’ve ever done. Crib Goch is an absolute adrenaline adventure and only for those with a head for heights, a strong stomach, and some experience in scrambling.

Attracting people from all over the UK, and further afield. A perfect weather day spent summiting Snowdon/Yr Wyddfa via Crib Goch doesn’t get any better.

A knife-edge ridge with perilous drops on either side and no room for error. This is a serious hike, only to be attempted by those that have a head for heights or some hiking experience under their shoes.

Please only attempt this hike if you’ve got the necessary experience and skill set in order to take on high exposure, tough scrambling, and a long day.

Sunrise and inversion towards Capel Curig

Quick Facts about Crib Goch Snowdon

  • Distance: 10km (Up Crib Goch, down via Pig or Miners)
  • Time: 4-6 hours
  • Best travel time: Midweek or for sunrise/sunset.
  • Difficulty: This can be extremely difficult and is extremely exposed.
  • Parking: Pen-Y-Pass, Caernarfon LL55 4NU. PRE BOOKING ESSENTIAL.

High Points of the Crib Goch Snowdon Hike

  • One of the best ridgelines in all of the UK.
  • Incredible adventure and adrenaline filled day out.
  • Huge sense of achievement when accomplished.
  • Potentially one of the best day hikes in the UK.

Low Points of the Crib Goch Snowdon Hike

  • Can be extremely dangerous in anything but perfect conditions.
  • Difficult scramble with serious exposure.
  • Will be busy on weekends and the ridge is sometimes impassable when someone else is on it.

How to get to the Crib Goch Hike

Access is initially via the very popular Pyg Track to Snowdon, and there’s a junction that turns off for Crib Goch as you reach the crest when you can see the lakes.

Parking in Pen-Y-Pass, or further down near the Pen Y Gwrd hotel and walking the small route up to get to the PYP car park.

The Pig Track is a nice, well-laid track that can take you all the way through to the summit of Snowdon/Yr Wyddfa but there’s a small junction that leads off to tackle the mighty Crib Goch Snowdon.

The route when you peel off of the Pig track and up towards the summit of Crib Goch is fairly self-explanatory. It’s some part scramble and some park walk, so just be careful of your footing and take your time leading up the rock.

Once you finally reach the summit after some solid work in the legs, you’ll be presented with incredible views over the Snowdon Horseshoe, the entire Glyderau range, and down towards Llanberis.

You’ll also be presented with the nightly impressive, Crib Goch. Known as the Red Ridge in English, when the sunsets it turns red in colour and is super impressive to see.

The Ridgeline itself is only about 150m of surefooted walking with impressive exposure to deal with, and then arguably the work starts as you’ve got to navigate around pinnacles, down climb, back climb and safely navigate your way through the saddle where all the paths to the summit meet.

If you want full route details, you can click here.

My Experiences on Crib Goch Snowdon

I remember hearing about this perilous ridge that makes grown men freeze in fear and if you were to do it you’d need to be roped up for safety.

The allure to climb this ridge never came, until I really got into hiking and then as with most hiking experiences, you’re always asking, what next?

I remember the fateful day of my first Crib Goch ascent.

Fresh in from a 21-hour flight from Bali, the weather conditions were perfect and I had some juice in my legs that needed using so that I could try and get my body clock back working.

Thankfully the weather couldn’t have been better. Still. Calm. Warm enough for a light layer and a small backpack.

After a solid ascent in the dark. Scrambling up the rock to reach the summit of Crib Goch. I reached the summit as the golden morning light was at its best and the ridge looked incredible under its spell.


The exposure is no joke if you’re not used to heights of this magnitude and it’s enough to make your stomach turn if you fully think about the consequences of a wrong foot on this ridge.

Crossing the ridge was the most exhilarating, fun, adrenaline pumping and awesome adventure I had ever done.

It’ll forever remain one of the best days I have ever had in the mountains. The best bet was we had it completely to ourselves.

Since then I’ve done Crib Goch Snowdon many times. For sunrises, for sunsets, and in the middle of the summer sun. Every time it’s just as good as the last time and I’ve always come away feeling amazing.

If you’ve yet to tackle the mighty Crib Goch then you really must have it on the list to do. If you’re unsure or feel unsafe, then try and find someone who’s got previous experience that could potentially guide you the way.

There’s no shame in paying for someone’s experience and expertise on a ridge like this. If anything, it could set your confidence up to be able to one day do these things solo.

Hands down the best route in all of Snowdonia.

What to do after your hike up Crib Goch

Your legs will be tired, but your spirits will be high.

If you’re wanting pizza, head to Hanging Pizzera in Betws Y Coed. Find out more here.

There are also plenty of food options in Betws Y Coed. Should you find yourself thirsty for a beer and something substantial?

But if you’re making a weekend of it. Here are some more ideas for you to tackle whilst you’re in god’s country, also known as Wales.

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Moel Siabod via Daedu Ridge
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The Forgotten Waterfall near Betws Y Coed
Abandoned Street in Llanberis – Angelsey Barracks

If you’ve any questions about Crib Goch in Snowdonia then drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help.

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