Europe By Motorhome


Ever wanted to tour Europe in a motorhome? Fantasied about travelling freely to wherever the road or the day takes you? Yeah me too, so I sold my business and bought a van.

Originally the plan was to travel throughout Europe for an entire year but when that thing called Brexit came round it seriously messed that up. But hey, we’ll make lemonade out of lemons and we decided to do a three month tour instead. Here’s the details from each day as it comes and we’ll update as we move across the continent with lessons, tips, tricks and most likely failures of what not to do when you’ve got a motorhome in Europe.


Motorhome: Fiat Hymer B544
Her name: Doris. She’s an old gal, you know.
Age: 28 (Older than Lou)
Start: Wales (29/04/19)
First Country: Holland
Want to visit: Holland, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark
Likes: Slow drives at 50MPH, preferably straight, wide roads and using lots of diesel
Dislikes: Bumps, narrow roads, parking bays, ferry costs and being efficient on fuel
Geeky stuff: 120w solar panels, Gaslow refillable gas system, 220ah battery with 1200w inverter, gas hob, fridge, oven and grill, separate shower room, bike rack, ample storage and a bloody beautiful drop down bed.
Current days on the road: 42


Doris had to be repatriated from Berlin to North Wales. She was fixed and we decided to give Europe a second crack. This time we were heading North! Here’s the day by day blog posts for part 2 of our tour.

DAY 01: We travelled from North Wales to Harwich (No Blog)
DAY 02: Doris makes it back to Europe!
DAY 03: Dutch Venice: Beautiful Giethoorn
DAY 04: Interrogated by the German Drugs Squad
DAY 05: Doris Makes it to Denmark
DAY 06: The Oldest Town in Denmark
Day 07: Vikings in Roskilde
Day 08: Midsummer in Sweden
DAY 09: Stockholm: The Swedish Capital
DAY 10: Beautiful Swedish Lakes
DAY 11: Doris Makes it to Swedish Lapland
Day 12: Doris Makes it to Swedish Lapland
DAY 13: Reindeer are real?
DAY 14: Crossing into the Arctic Circle
DAY 15: What Idiot Travels to the Arctic Circle in Shorts?
DAY 16: Doris Makes it to Norway!
DAY 17: Hiking in Senja. WOW!
DAY 18: Prettiest House in the World?
DAY 19: Doris Meets Dorothy!


DAY 01: Getting to the ferry
DAY 02: Touching down into Europe!
DAY 03: The Windmills of KinderDijk
DAY 04: Cycling through a rainstorm! 
DAY 05: Doris made it to Germany… JUST!
Day 07: The Burg Eltz, WOW.
Day 08: Geierley Bridge, would you cross it?
DAY 09: The Beautiful Heidelburg
DAY 10: The Incredible town of Rothenburg
DAY 11: The Medieval City of Nuremburg
Day 12: Doris makes it to the Czech Republic! 
DAY 13: The Best Cake in the World?
DAY 14: Europes Best Kept Secret?
DAY 15: Saxon Switzerland: A Hidden Gem
DAY 16: Instagrams Famous Bridge, Devils Bridge.
DAY 17: The Waterways of Lubben
DAY 18: Doris makes it to Berlin!
DAY 19: Historical Berlin
DAY 20: A sad day: Doris Dies 
DAY 21: Cycling around an Abandoned Airport.
DAY 22: The Most Frustrating Day of my Life
DAY 23: The Most Humiliating Day of my Life

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